The Fold


Ordering Info:

Please call the restaurant to place your order or delivery via Bite Squad.

Restaurant Info:

There is always a story behind every good taco. The story behind ours goes back to 2010 in Austin, Texas where the mobile food truck scene was alive and thriving. That experience inspired us to bring our inspirations back with us to The Rock. In 2012 we purchased what used to be a filling station, built in 1960, in the heart of Little Rock. The mission was to take that experience and mold it with inspiration from cantinas in Mexico. The designs were carefully selected to bring guests We revamped the entire space and when you enter The Fold you are met with bright colors, vivacious dishes and a staff excited to make your family and friends our family and friends. We crafted a bar menu that pairs perfectly with our Mexican fair. The bar is highlighted with modern Carrera marble, and our guests always delight in the indoor/outdoor feel throughout the space. The patio is newly renovated to provide access to guests all year long, and we are very proud to offer a furry friend patio to our four legged friends. Everything we do here is locally produced, and thoughtfully prepared to ensure our guests enjoy our creations and love being here just as much as we do. We are excited to bring more people into The Fold and we look forward to your visit!