Sushi Cafe - Heights


Ordering Info:

curbside pick up and delivery to your home or business. There is a $30 minimum purchase and a $3.99 service charge for delivery service.

Restaurant Info:

To our guests, friends, and family in the Central Arkansas community:
The safety of our guests, associates, and their families is our top priority.  To better serve our guests and our community, all Chi Family Restaurants are in the process of modifying our service to curbside pick up and delivery. Each one of our restaurant locations will have a set delivery area that is roughly 2.5-3.0 miles away from the store's location. We will be providing delivery service with a $30 minimum order and a $3.99 service charge during lunch and dinner services.
We appreciate everyone's support and encourage everyone to please tip curbside or delivery employees. Their livelihoods still depend very much on your generosity in tips. We're doing everything we can to keep as many people as we can employed. Please keep in mind that some estimates are out there that predict that over 60 million people will have or already have lost their jobs in the U.S. We're all in this together...and everyone still has to eat. Please show your support in our local businesses.
Follow the Facebook page for each location for more news about ongoing policies and information. Our family locations are listed below along with phone numbers for each location:
Chi's Chinese Cuisine-17200 Chenal Pkwy-(501) 821-8000
Chi's Asian Cafe-3421 Old Cantrell Rd-(501) 916-9973
Sushi Cafe-5823 Kavanaugh Blvd-(501) 663-9888
Sushi Cafe West-11211 Cantrell Rd-(501) 954-7866
Prospect Bar & Grill-5501 Kavanaugh Blvd-(501) 603-0080
Lulu's Seafood Kitchen-5911 R St-(501) 663-2388
Our family along with all of our employees thank you for your support. We're better together, Little Rock Strong. Thank you everyone.

- Jacob Chi